Willow The Chihuahua Where She Was Living When I Saw Her The First Time



I was doing work in a house in So. Burlington as you can tell from the looks of things inside.

That's where I came across this sweet little kind of funny looking dog.  The owners did not seem

to be taking very good care of her. The couple had adopted her from the Humane Society only

a few months before. Now they were breaking up and no longer wanted Willow.

Long story short, I ended up adopting her with the intention of finding her a new home.

I wasn't having much luck. As the owners are pulling away and driving off to Florida I was

handed Willow's paperwork from the Humane Society. It turns out that she had been adopted on

condition that she be brought to a Vet to be treated for her "Severe Dental Disease" I immediately

brought her to my Vet and discovered in addition to the fact that she was 14 years old, not 11, that

she was anemic, needed 5 rotten teeth pulled, had glaucoma and was nearly deaf and her nails were

too long. That visit and subsequent Vet bills amounted to $1,500.00 the first year. Of course I

kept her until she passed away on my bed 7:30 AM February 15, 2016. I came to love her so much.

You can see in this vid how pale she was. Ignoring her severe dental disease they fed her nothing

but cheap dry food so it must have been painful never mind non-nutritious. In subsequent videos

you can see how she regained a beautiful shiny brown coat. She was so sweet.


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