Looking For Donnie Waters

Looking For Donnie Waters
(5:30) Kelley
Another Long Distance Call
(4:18) Kelley
Shooting Star  (5:30) Kelley
Highways for Breakfast (5:30) Kelley
Torn and Tattered (5:30) Kelley
Is That A Pistol
(5:30) Kelley
Long Live Nacogdoches (5:30) Kelley
Facebook (5:30) Kelley
Moonlight To Blue (5:30) Kelley
Lilting Melody (5:30) Kelley






Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Produced
by Andre Maquera WestStreetDigital

Front Cover Art by Karen Dawson

CD Layout & Design by Wendy Maquera
West Street Digital

copyright @ Michael Kelley 2018

The Players

Michael Kelley - vocals, guitar
Andre Maquera - guitar, bass, vocals, percussion
Eric Belrose - drums
Nobby Reed - slide guitar
Gary Spaulding - drums
Will Galison - harmonica
Wendy Maquera - vocals
Mingo Maquera - percussion
Peter English - piano
Joe Moore - saxophone
Will Patton - bass, mandolin
Lucan Adler - drums
Shane Murley - vocals


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