On February 21, 2006, we presented our proposal for the Milton Outdoor Performance Center to the Milton Select Board, and received their approval to proceed with the project. We used the following criteria in developing the concept and plans for the performance center:


        1) The structure will be versatile to allow for a variety of uses and activities.
        2) The structure will be aesthetically pleasing and in compliance with the color scheme 

                 of the existing buildings. 
        3) The structure will be resistant to vandalism and require low maintenance. 
        4) The design will be engineer approved and stamped.
        5) The design will be manageable for members of both churches and community 

         members to safely participate in its construction. 

We roughly estimate the project to cost $20,600. A company in Canada called Perka  (web site) has designed our steel arches with the exact dimensions that we needed. They are a great company to work with and they have an appreciation of the value in this project for our community.