Our Mission

Our plan is to build a structure to serve as an outdoor performance center in Bombardier Recreation Field in Milton, Vermont

The vision is to provide a place where Milton friends and families can gather to enjoy entertainment and each other.

This center would accommodate band concerts, theater productions, public speakers, and award ceremonies, but certainly the use is only limited by one’s imagination.

Such a center would serve people of all ages and with various interests and talents for years to come.

Our Purpose

  We are striving to engage the whole community in the fund raising and building of the project.

It is truly amazing to see our community with great diversity in age, culture, and interest become involved to accomplish this project together.

Once completed the entire community will have a sense of pride and ownership, and will have made many new friends along the way.

  The Milton Outdoor Performance Center will be a place for our community to gather together to enjoy each other, and to celebrate all of our unique talents and gifts.

Who Are we?

We are Milton Community Members. Lonnie Poland and Karen Edwards, Co-Chairs proposed the idea during a "40 Days of Purpose" campaign with the Cornerstone Community Church and The United Church of Milton. 

 It is designed as a Milton community project and invites all our citizens and business partners to participate

Our primary fund raising team consisted of Leslie Bashaw, Tammy Boone, Jaimie Combs, Karen Edwards, Candi Gingras, Kathy Moquin,  Lonnie Poland, Marcy Rayta, Andrea Sheesley and Fran Smith.

Our design team and primary construction team consists of Ed DeVarney, John Gordon, John Lindsay,  Lonnie Burke, Bill Edwards and David Poland.

We are utilizing all our resources including gifts of money, labor, materials, and grant writing to reach our goal and build the Milton Outdoor Performance Center.