We presented our proposal to build an Outdoor Performance Center to the Milton Select  Board and Town Manager in February 2006


Our idea was very well received and accepted and we began fund raising immediately. In April 2006 we met with the Select board again and they granted us definitive approval to build the proposed structure in Bombardier Recreation Fields.


The site location is perfect. The Performance Center will be oriented away from residents and will face an open field to accommodate many spectators. There is great access to parking and bathroom facilities.


Because there won't be permanent seating, the field will still be available for use as needed for sporting events.


We have completed the Act 250 process and received our permit. We also received approval from the Milton Developmental Review Board on September 28, 2006 and were granted a building permit from the town of Milton on October 2 , 2006.


We will continue to fund raise during the winter and anticipate being prepared to begin           excavation and construction early in the spring of 2007.










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