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August, 2014

WINOOSKI, VERMONT               Je Suis CHARLIE HEBDO New Cover

Political correctness reared it's ugly head in Winooski after Sneaker's Bistro & Cafe on Main St. in Winooski, Vermont, posted a traffic shaped sign announcing "Yield For Bacon". One lady posting a comment on a local forum complained that as a muslim she was offended because eating pork goes against her religion.

The owners of the restaurant removed the sign supposedly in respect to the woman's complaint. It can also be suspected that the owners were not interested in having the affair become a big issue which usually is not good for business. Now they're stuck between a rock and a hard place.

This writer thinks the whole thing stinks! Political correctness as it pertains to islam has now encroached it's perverse imperatives into this big little city that is host to a broad and growing immigrant community. It is no longer uncommon to see muslim head scarfs, hijabs and khimars. More and more niqabs and once in a while a full burka can be seen walking around the City of Winooski like a medieval specter, even in front of the popular restaurant that dared post a funny sign drawing attention to one of the most common foods for human beings on the face of the earth.

I understand that it's probably practical for the owners of Sneakers to remove the sign rather than engage in a public controversy that has nothing to do with promoting their eating establishment. They are not in business to champion a movement to oppose the ridiculous practice of censoring every little thing that might offend somebody's religious sensitivities. But will we soon be finding it necessary to refer to one of America's favorite foods as the "B" word?

My opinion is that it's rather cowardly for Sneakers to be influenced, and thus by association, the entire community, to give in to every little muslim annoyance. Perhaps my particular religion forbids the wearing of running shoes. Should I protest on a public forum that the name "Sneakers" is offensive. Many things offend me but I put up with it. That's life.

I say shame on Sneakers for giving in. A more appropriate response should have been to apologize to the lady but explain that the United State is a free country and the suggestion that this funny sign should be removed goes against  the very freedoms that citizens are intended to enjoy. Maybe the owners of Sneakers are afraid that their business will be bombed by Onion City jihadists. That could be a legitimate fear I suppose ... and if that happened, Winooski has a bigger problem than bacon signs. AB




According to news reports, the owners of Sneakers Bistro & Cafe reached out to the woman who complained about the "Yield For Bacon" sign to apologize, and then removed the sign. My question is, apologize for what? One or two people are bothered by something as stupid as a funny sign, and now the entire population of Winooski must be forced to capitulate and pay deference to the most hateful religion on the face of the earth.


The owners are quoted as saying that they took the sign down "as a gesture of respect for the whole community" Baloney! It was a gesture of respect to a couple of muslims who are disrespectful of the customs of this country. It was in addition an insult to the majority of residents who have no problem with a bacon sign ... but who may have problems with followers of a religion responsible for inspiring 911 and chronic and tragic conflicts throughout the middle east and the world.


The owner of Sneakers said "We are here to serve people breakfast, not politics ... please have your political conversation elsewhere". I dare say that they themselves stimulated the conversation by the act of removing the sign. This action was not out of respect but out of fear, fear of furthering the controversy, fear of negative publicity, fear of the fight to stand up against this utter nonsense.  Islam is the religion of hate ... and Sneakers took the bait.


The City manager says "it's not always comfortable living in a diverse community". More baloney ... diversity does not create division and contention ... the religion of islam does. Just read the paper and watch the news every single day ... I rest my case. AB


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